ATM Industry

Over 1000 ATMS NATIONALLY, specializing in working with wholesalers and associations to provide a complete payment solutions for their large / diverse group of convenience store customers.

ATMs continue to generate reliable, steady revenue for merchants, financial institutions and independent operators!

There are many details in the ATM business. Whether it’s ATM security, ATM installation, ATM technical support, or more, having Wholesale Payments Group as your business partner provides you peace-of-mind, covering all the details.

At Wholesale Payments Group, we have nearly 1,000 ATMs placed. Last year, our clients’ ATMs dispensed an average of nearly $70,000 to ATM users — money that has the potential to go right back into their business!

When someone uses an ATM, they pay a fee called a surcharge. People recognize they’re paying for the convenience of getting cash when and where they need it. Each year billions of ATM transactions are performed for a fee. Start making money by providing convenience to your customers!

Place our ATM units in locations to boost customer traffic, increase per-ticket and overall sales, and improve your per-customer profit! Plus, with more cash sales, getting an ATM installed can decrease your credit card fees and bad check losses.

Wholesale Payments Group provides unparalleled support and online reporting. As our partner, you will receive:

  • Top-notch customer service
  • Manufacturer certified ATM technicians that can be reached 24/7 at our toll-free service center
  • Real-time access to your ATMs via our state-of-the-art PAI Reports web portal
  • Data that helps you monitor, report and reconcile daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly transactional activity
  • Access data from the internet or directly from your smart phone
  • Receive an email or text (or both) notifying you when your ATM(s) is low on cash, receipt paper, etc.
  • Next business day deposit into merchant’s bank account
  • Easily track ATM profit online
When you join forces with WPG and PAI, you gain the expertise and service of a partner who manages a large fleet of ATMs in various retail locations throughout the United States.