Government & Education

Allowing your organization the ability to pass along a convenience fee to help absorb/mitigate or eliminate the “cost of acceptance” of credit cards!

Wholesale Payments Group provides unique total payment solutions focused on creating value for both Government Entities and Educational Institutions, as well as the customers they serve.

WPG payment solutions allow these government and education merchants to accept electronic payments both onsite or online, in additional to traditional cash payments. We offer a unique ability to participate in a program where a merchant can minimize or eliminate costs and management hassles associated with ePayments.

Our four (4) programs offering customized pricing solutions include:

  • Traditional Credit Card – Merchant is responsible for paying all associated credit card fees
  • Targeted – Merchant can implement a fee on specific cards with higher interchange rates. For instance, a surcharge may apply to a “rewards” card, but not to a prepaid credit or debit card
  • Surcharge Light – Merchant can charge a flat percentage on all cards with the exception of debit and prepaid cards. A flat surcharge of up to 4% or a flat amount can be applied for all qualifying transactions to help offset a portion of the credit card fees, or get as close to zero as possible
  • Pinpoint – Our signature program allows the merchant to pay ZERO credit card fees! WPG collects all funds due to your institution/organization, passes it through to you via your integrated accounting/ERP Solution, and we collect and pay all credit card processing costs on your behalf.

Our goal is to create long-term relationships built on trust. We want both the agencies and schools, as well as the cardholders making payments to each of them, to know our program has solutions for the rising costs associated with payment processing without recouping those costs through other tax and community related activities.