Kenny DeIuliis


Kenny has over 13 years’ experience in merchant processing and ATM processing. He is currently the owner of J&D Solutions, and a principal in WPG and Mobile Pay. His office serves as the headquarters for WPG, where he oversees national operations. His experience in the industry and national relationships, serve as a guideline for WPG operations and services.

Kenny is a Pittsburgh PA, native and currently operates his companies and the WPG headquarters from there. After attending Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh, Kenny returned to the family business, co-owning and helping build E&K Enterprises, an excavation company, reaching a level of success that that allowed him to embark on other ventures. In 1997, while maintaining a stake in the family business, Kenny starting working for KBA marketing as a field rep, and was quickly promoted to city manager for SignCast, a sister company, till 2001.

He started traditional merchant accounts with EMS in 2001 and has since grown in processing and relationships over the last 13 years through EVO, Transactions Solutions, Financial Transaction Services, Card Connect, Payment Alliance International, and First Data.

He began to build on those relationships and further his business by adding ATM services founding J& D Solutions in 2003. He has grown his ATM pursuits with ATM Express and Payment Alliance International to over 400 accounts throughout the US.

He is also currently an active member of the Market Advantage Committee with Payment Alliance International, overseeing and evaluating new products and services emerging in the payments industry.

Wendy Schofield,

Vice President – Technology

At seventeen years old, Wendy began her journey as an entrepreneur by starting her own desktop publishing and translation company, and managing both a family owned retail children’s store and a bulk gas and oil distributorship.  She went on to finish several college degrees, including degrees in business management, marketing, communications, public relations, education (K-12 and ESL), Graphic Design, Spanish, and is certified in Six Sigma as a discipline of business management.

Wendy’s past positions include management, corporate affairs, and internal and public relations and communication, including positions as CEO of a marketing and communications firm for two decades, manager for a non-profit organization, creator and manager of a mid to higher English as a Second Language (ESL) program, manager for a successful, wholesale payment processing corporation, and management of the Northwest Division of an oil pipeline company.

Wendy has been involved in large corporate projects, ranging from planning/engineering and managing operations of a division of Phillips 66 Pipeline, LLC to creating a very profitable and innovative mobile ATM program while working with the largest privately owned ATM processing company in the U.S.  Wendy plays an integral role in corporate compliance, regulation, security, IT integration, large company acquisitions, mergers, and sales of assets.  Other areas of expertise include contract management, strategic planning, procurement, logistics, systems management for automation and security of processes, and product evaluation and presence worldwide for major companies such as Hewlett Packard, BP, and Microsoft.

As a business manager, these experiences, and the integral and successful people she surrounded herself with, have led her to her current business, where she has aligned herself with key players in the industry to strategically rollout the Mobile Pay payment solution nationwide.  She found her vision for Mobile Pay, Inc. in 2007; her vision to create a mobile application that addressed historical socioeconomic and security issues in the payments industry.  This vision is now becoming a reality in the form of Mobile Pay™.

Jason Fox

Secretary | Finance | Communications

Jason is a founding member of WPG and a principal in Mobile Pay, Inc. He has over 8 years’ experience in the ATM and service industry, and 15 years management experience.

Jason graduated from Oregon State University in 1999 with a BS in Pharmacology, and is a registered pharmacist. He managed 5 different pharmacies for Rite Aid and Kroger from 2000 to 2005. Looking for a quicker path to advance in the corporate structure, Jason graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2004 with an MBA in Human Resource Management.

In 2004, he changed his path and stepped down as a full time pharmacist. Jason started Black Pearl Investments and opened his first restaurant later that year. He added to his family’s chain of casino based deli’s, and opened 6 more restaurants throughout the next 3 years, overseeing 13 locations and over 100 employees at its peak. Using ATM’s throughout the locations, and being asked to provide services for other restaurants in the area, Jason spawned the creation of Infinity ATM Solutions, in 2006.

As president of Infinity ATM, Jason oversees cash management and delivery services to over 200 locations in Oregon and SW Washington.  He has broadened the company’s focus into other areas of payment processing and currently integrates the WPG and Mobile Pay strategies into Infinity ATM. Jason runs the west coast office of WPG from Portland, Oregon and has active sales and delivery routes throughout Oregon and Washington.

He is also currently an active member of the Market Advantage Committee with Payment Alliance International, overseeing and evaluating new products and services emerging in the payments industry.